Area Drugs and Therapeutics Committee

Fife Formulary

Guidance documents for Chapters 2 and 4 are currently undergoing review to bring them in line with the updated Formulary. The previous versions are still available and will be updated as soon as they are reviewed.

The Fife Formulary is an evolving ‘live’ document which is configured into 15 Chapters in line with the content of the BNF.

The formulary is reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis with the aim to update and review fully each chapter every 4-5 years. Formulary sections are also amended after each NHS Fife ADTC meeting to reflect agreed amendments and to incorporate latest advice issued by the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC).

The Fife Formulary reflects the most cost-effective medicines that are available and is used to determine preferred 1st, 2nd and in some instance 3rd choices medicines for use in general practice and also in hospital settings. Medicines are categorised into those that are suitable for prescribing in general practice, those restricted to specialist initiation or on the recommendation of a specialist (S) and those that are restricted to hospital use only (H).  The formulary also contains prescribing points with key messages to ensure appropriate and cost-effective prescribing.

Chapters of the formulary can be viewed on-line or PDF versions can be downloaded or printed by clicking on the relevant chapter on the left hand side menu.

Approved Fife-wide guidance documents are listed as appendices to the relevant formulary section.